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The Economic Times is an English broadsheet language daily newspaper which mainly caters to the financial and investment readers. It is published simultaneously from 11 cities, namely: Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Lucknow, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Chandigarh, and Pune in 13 editions including 2 in Gujarati and 1 in Hindi. It is a widely read with over 800,000 people reading it every day.

Ads in The Economic Times are carried in the following formats:

  • Text Classified Ads are published in simple running text or run-on line (ROL): These ads cost the least as they are charged by the line for a minimum of five lines. However, at extra cost they can be made more eye-catching with the use of bold text, background colour, tick mark and/or border.
  • Classified Display (CD) Ads allows advertisers to design their own ads using different fonts, images and logos. They are charged per square centimetre with restriction on maximum and minimum height and width. Costs may vary for colour and black-and-white ads.
  • Display Ads are the core of creative advertising in newspapers because they attract the most attention. Display ads are the most expensive newspaper ads being charged on the basis of space occupied in a selected newspaper page. Expert advertising professionals like can design display ads and upload them for publishing in the selected edition of editions.

Classified Ads Carried in The Economic Times every Thursday – except Friday (for property only):

  • Recruitment Ads: These will help organisations bridge the gap when there is a requirement of staff, either because of employees moving out and/or organisation’s expansion plans.
  • Lost & Found Ads: Such ads are placed to find a lost possession or get a replacement (a passport, share certificate, certificate etc.).
  • Change of Name Ads: To officially change the name of someone or an organisation an affidavit from a notary public stating why the name is being changed to the new one is needed. With copies of this affidavit, ads must be placed in in 2 newspapers — one a national newspaper, while the other is a local vernacular.
  • Obituary Ads: On someone’s demise an obituary ad carries the news for public consumption and informs of funeral details and ceremonies observed after the funeral.
  • Business Ads: To expand business, ads always play an important role especially in the financial and investment sector.
  • Motor Vehicle Ads: All kinds — from three- and four-wheelers to trucks and dumpers — along with accessories and service stations are best sold through ads.
  • Education Ads: Spreading education by advertising institutions’ facilities, courses and related details in newspapers goes a long way.
  • Public Notice Ads: Public notice ads are issued by individuals, private companies and government organisations in connection with information where the general public responses are required.
  • Property Ads: To do a property transaction of any kind anywhere an ad can play a crucial role in the Friday edition.

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